Watch this amazing video of a dog protecting a friend after the tsunami

This is an amazing video in the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan.

Dog Protects Friend Post Tsunami


Last last week one of our long-time clients, Betty Irvin, came into the hospital. She had her new Labrador Retriever with her. Papapia is his name. Betty and Papapia are new friends. Betty rescued the young Lab from a bad situation — bad enough that she worried his life was in danger. READ MORE

Low-Level Laser Therapy Can Help Your Pet Heal Faster

We use low-level laser therapy at the Hospital to promote healing of specific injuries and surgeries.

The healing power of light was discovered over 20 years ago. Research showed that injured tissues and surgical incisions healed faster if stimulated by light beams of certain frequencies. This was attributed the anti-inflammatory properties of the light beams as well as the profound ability of light to stimulate the body’s cells to produce natural healing compounds. READ MORE