What a Cute Patient!

Sometimes our patients are so adorable we just can’t refrain from letting the whole world know! Here’s what Moki had to say about his first visit to AHDC: Hi, my name is Moki and I am an English Mastiff / Bull Mastiff mix and I am terribly cute if I do say so myself. I was very excited to be at my first visit at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County. My likes include eating strange things that mom and dad don’t want me to and falling asleep in the exam room after all of the excitement. I don’t think I have any dislikes. The technician told my mom that I was an excellent patient. I didn’t even fuss one little bit when they took my temperature. Before you know it I was all done, having gotten a clean bill of health from Doctor Sarsfield, and on my way home with my wonderful new family. Mom and dad were happy to know that I am healthy as a horse or a small pony which is about how big I will probably get! Hard to believe since I’m not even 20 pounds yet! Hope to see all my friends at AHDC soon!