Cute Patient Alert: Gemini!

Hi! My name is Gemini and I am an outgoing, happy girl who loves everybody. I am what pit bull lovers call a pocket pitty, weighing in at around only 38 pounds at 1 year of age. This may be small for an American Pit Bull Terrier but it’s pretty big for a lap dog which is what I have decided I like being. Don’t let my size fool you though cause I am one strong girl! Today was my first visit at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County and it was great! There were all these people petting me and letting me sit in their laps, and I even got a treat for being such a good girl. The technician said I would be a model patient if only I’d stop wiggling! I used to be a shelter puppy at the Humane Society but now I am with my new, wonderful family, the Bartons. I even have a big sister to play with! It’s great! I hope my friends at the Humane Society find forever homes that are as fabulous as mine!