Thankful for a Microchip!

Something as small as a microchip might not seem that important when you bring your pet in to see the vet, but it can be the best investment you make. This Thanksgiving, one family will say thanks that their dog GZ was brought back to them because the rescue they got him from microchipped him prior to his adoption in 2006. GZ came into the Animal Hospital of Dauphin on Monday, November 14th after being bitten by another dog. The person who brought him in was a good samaritan who had found him after the flooding in September. He named him Lucky and took care of him since he couldn’t find the owner. He brought Lucky in after he was bitten by a dog that had come onto his property. Routinely, any found pet is scanned for a microchip when they are brought in to the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County. When we found a microchip on Lucky, we started to track down the owner. We were able to reunite GZ with his family who had been looking for him for about 2 months when he ran off chasing something on September 9th and couldn’t find his way home. GZ is happy to be back with his family in Pillow, PA and is healing well from his bite wounds. His family still can’t believe that they were able to find him again thanks to a little microchip.