February is National Dental Month!


shutterstock_75325276Did you know that over 85% of pets over 4 years of age have some sort of gum disease?

These are some signs that your pet may be having a dental issue:

    • Bad breath – this can be a sign of dental issues or different medical issues, if you notice this make an appointment with your vet.

    • Rubbing at face – Sometimes pets will do this as a sign of discomfort.

    • Bleeding from the mouth/when chewing on a toy – often a sign of inflammation of gums.

    • Crying when trying to eat/ trouble keeping food in mouth – Often a sign of pain, can be painful in jaws/gums/teeth.

    • Pet losing teeth

    • Lumps/bumps on face or muzzle area with or without nasal discharge – With dental disease there can be localized infections or abscesses. Dental cleaning and removal of the diseased tooth are often needed in the case.

    • Head shyness – When in pain some pets will not allow anyone near their head at all.

Stay vigilant for National Dental Month to make sure your dogs stay healthy.

Dog breath does not have to be bad.

If you notice any of these signs or have any concerns about your pet’s dental health please contact your veterinarian and set up an appointment! We’re currently offering 20% off pet dental visits. Go to our online scheduler now to book your pet’s appointment.