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March is Seniors for Seniors Month

It’s Seniors for Seniors Month! Help a few senior cats find their lucky forever home and enjoy loving companionship! Castaway Critters is promoting Seniors for Seniors all through March. Humans 62 and older qualify to adopt senior cats at the discounted minimum adoption donation of $25. All cats have been fully vetted! They have been spayed or neutered, vaccinated, tested for diseases, and micro-chipped. Most of these cats have also had complete senior blood-work panels, urinalysis, and all necessary dental needs met.

The special adoption event will be this Saturday, March 14th from 10am to 2pm at ASpecial Adoption Event at Abrams and Weakley Store for Animals. Check out all the available cats now!

Abrams and Weakley Store for Animals
3963 N. 6th Street, Harrisburg, PA 17110

Help CPAA Find a Home for Ruby

Ruby was found huddling under a porch seeking warmth in Harrisburg City. She was taken by City Police to the Harrisburg Temporary Shelter and shortly thereafter, found a wonderful foster home. Ruby has had a rough start in life but she hasn’t let that slow her down. She is a 40 lb cuddle bug who loves affection and human contact. She is also very smart and has mastered sit, shake and the most impressive stay, her foster Mom can go into other rooms and Ruby will hold her stay. To learn more about Ruby and CPAA, go to:

Help Castaway Critters Find a Home for Billy

Billy is a loving pet with special needs. Billy is a 12 year old beagle that his owners can no longer keep because they have a baby. He is a low maintenance dog and can be left alone for long periods of time (i.e. a whole work day). He has a sweet disposition and loves to be petted. He is low energy, but likes short walks around the block. He makes a great watch dog- has a ferocious bark when someone knocks on door. He is a great family dog for individuals with no small children. Billy is not always good with other dogs (although OK with some dogs) and is territorial when it comes to food. He should not be around young children that might try to take food or toys from him. Billy goes crazy when someone knocks on the door (but once person is inside door, he jumps up for a kiss) and he likes to beg for food. For more information, go to:

Help Castaway Critters Find a Home for Lilly

Lilly is a sweet girl that came from a local puppy mill from which Castaway Critters took 31 dogs that were no longer good breeders. She is believed to be about 4 years old and is a long-haired chihuahua. All she wants is someone to hold her and love her. She and her foster mom are working on potty training since this is all new to a puppy mill dog. Lilly will need a family that understands what its like to have a puppy mill dog and be patient with her. Lilly has hit some basic milestones and she is fine with other dogs that are about her size or somewhat larger. Very large dogs would probably scare her. She now enjoys being outside, something that often scares mill dogs that are used to being in wire cages all their lives. She wags her tail and is just so happy! Lilly is spayed and up-to-date on basic shots. If you can provide Lilly with a wonderful new life, phone 831-5010 or apply online at Castaway Critters Lilly

Help Ginger From Casatway Critters Find A Home

Castaway Critters Ginger Ginger wants to be friends and her tail wags when meeting anyone. She weighs about 20 pounds and appears to be a beagle mix that is about 1 year old. She was brought to a shelter by a man who wouldn’t even bring her inside and said he wanted nothing to do with her. The humane officer had to go the car and brought her inside. Ginger is barely one year old, but the man who brought her said this little stray had given birth to two puppies. She has been tossed aside and had puppies when she was little more than a pup herself. Ginger is now a Castaway Critter and living in a foster home with other dogs and cats. She is a pretty dog with a beautiful copper color, and she will warm up quickly to kindness. Ginger will be spayed and up-to-date on shots prior to adoption as well as heart-worm tested and microchipped. If you can offer Ginger a loving, caring forever home, contact her foster mom Cheryl at or apply online at .

Castaway Critters Adoptable Pet of the Week

Sasha from Castaway Critters Sasha is a fawn pug with a cute little mask. She weighs about 23 pounds and is a full figured girl. She was very much a loved dog, doted on by her owner. She was at home when her owner failed to wake up one morning and was without needed food and medication for about 3 days until her owner’s work sent the police into the home. She was very scared of the police and they thought she might be mean, but when a Castaway Critters volunteer came to pick her up she bounded right up to her. Sasha is about 13 and is a diabetic dog, so the fact that she did not have her insulin or food greatly affected her. Although she was promptly examined by a vet, she ended up in the hospital a day later, ill with hypoglycemia. Sasha has now been placed on a good diet by her foster mom and she is beginning to lose weight and has become stable on her medication. She is still very agile and more than willing to meet and love new people and she gets along good with the other dogs in her foster home. She is spayed and up-to-date on basic shots and she will be provided with insulin and syringes by Castaway Critters for the remainder of her life. If you can provide Sasha with a wonderful, loving home, contact her foster mom Cheryl at or apply online at .

Meet Buddy from Castaway Critters!

Buddy from castaway critters Buddy is a tan, black and white cairn terrier mix. He had a nice life and was kept inside as a lap dog, but his owner died. He was given to a home that kept him tied outside and finally turned into a shelter. Buddy is now a Castaway Critter and he is looking to regain a permanent, loving home. Buddy is believed to be about 7 years old, but that is not old for a small dog since they often live to be in their mid-teens. He is adjusting well to his new foster home and loves to snuggle and be held. He barks when it’s time to go outside and loves to follow his foster mom everywhere! He needs a trip to the groomer for a hair cut but he is clean and smells good! He listens well but does beg for food both at the table and at the counters. Buddy is neutered and up-to-date on basic shots. If you can provide Buddy with a new and loving life as an inside lap dog, contact his foster mom Lori at or apply online at

Meet Lonnie From Castaway Critters

Castaway Critters Lonnie Lonnie is about 8 months old. He is a beautiful short-haired cat that is solid charcoal gray with gold eyes. He loves other felines and gets along with all his foster mom’s resident cats and also new fosters that come and go. He loves people and is not shy. Lonnie adapts very well to new situations and he is always out and about with an outgoing personality. He purrs easily and loves human attention. Lonnie loves to play, by himself or with other cats. Lonnie wants to be your cat’s best friend! Lonnie is up to date on all vaccines and tested neg for FIV and FELV as well as neutered. He faithfully uses the litter box and has no other behavioral issues. As a kitten, Lonnie was found with an injured toe that had to be amputated. He does not miss it nor does he need any further vet care as it is completely healed. If you’re in the Hershey / Harrisburg area and you can provide Lonnie with a great home or would like more information, email his foster mom Barb at or fill out an online application at

Meet Boots and Dora From Castaway Critters

Boots and Dora are looking for their forever home! These kittens were strays that were rescued from the cold winter weather, just in time to enjoy their holidays indoors. Boots is a truly delightful kitten who loves to cuddle more than anything else! She will spend hours curled up on your lap and purr every minute of it. Dora has taken a little more time to adjust to life with humans, but she also has come to love attention. They can often be found curled up together in the sun, playing with toys or chasing each other! Both Boots and Dora are spayed, up-to-date on standard shots and tested negative for FIV/FeLV. They are also microchipped. These sisters deserve a wonderful, loving forever home. Could you be that home? If you are interested in adopting Boots and Dora, contact their foster mom Kaitlin at or apply online at Boots_and_Dora from Castaway Critters

Castaway Critters: Adoptable Pet of The Week

We just got this information from Castaway Critters and we wanted to share it with you: “You’d have to search long and hard to find a cat as affectionate as Garfield. Lucky for us, he’s right here in Harrisburg! Garfield was literally thrown out of his home when his owner decided to abandon her 4 cats. Fortunately, kind neighbors found homes for 3 of them, and Castaway Critters took Garfield. And did we hit the bonanza with this guy! He’s very affectionate and loves attention. He often jumps in his foster mom’s lap and snuggles in. He sleeps with her at night — all night. And he follows his foster mom all over the place, sometimes to the point where she has to watch where she walks. He’s the perfect litter box user. Garfield, who is probably around 1 1/2 to 2 years old, has never known anything other than living with other cats, so he must go to a home that has cats. He hasn’t buddied up with any of his foster housemates, and he doesn’t play with them, but he’s ALWAYS in a room with other cats, often lying on the floor close to one or more of them. He just seems to be one of those cats that needs the stimulation or comfort of being with other cats. Garfield is neutered, current on his shots, microchipped, has tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV, and is eligible for the Pumpkin Pal Special adoption donation of $25. For more information on this very loveable young guy, contact his foster mom Annette in Harrisburg at or 608-7221 or apply online at“.