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Country Meadows George

George is a 15 year old cat who lives at Country Meadows Retirement Community. He was originally found abandoned in one of the rental units. He is a “personal assistant” of sorts around the office. The office personnel at Country Meadows noticed he was losing weight, drinking a lot of water and urinating large amounts in his litter box. His haircoat also seemed to be dry and rough. They brought him to AHDC where George had a physical exam, a blood panel and a urine test performed. It was discovered that he had diabetes mellitus. We immediately started him on insulin treatments (injections under his skin twice per day) and he is doing great! The staff at Country Meadows has truly embraced his treatments and even have a George “calendar” which tracks where they have given his previous insulin injections. Now that his diabetes is starting to become controlled, George is able to focus his time and energy on helping the wonderful staff with payroll at his new home.

A Very Talented Patient

Nicky is a year old standard poodle that visited us today for his annual Heartworm test. His mom, Judy Riley, explained that she trained him at 7 weeks of age to ring a bell to alert her that he needed something. He learned to ring the bell when he needed to go outside, wanted attention, or was hungry for a treat. Today at his visit, he sat by the front door to greet us as we walked in and we asked if we could hire him as our hospital greeter. Sadly, he declined our offer at this time due to a busy social schedule. Nicky- it was a pleasure to meet you!

More Kittens!

In need of homes!! These three little boys were found, along with 2 sisters, abandoned alone in a box by a park. They were only 3 weeks old at the time, so Dr. Balmer fostered them until they were old enough to be placed. Their sisters have already moved into their new forever homes last week. These boys are still looking for a place to call their own. They are energetic, adorable, and lovable. They are sociable and very brave. They get along well with new people, small children, dogs, and other cats. They’ve already tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV and have had their first round of vaccines. Please contact us at the hospital if you are interested in adopting any of these boys. They can’t wait to meet you!

AHDC at the Castaway Critters Gala

Castaway Critters is a wonderful rescue organization that we at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County support in any way we can. As you may have read in our previous blog, they held a gala to help raise money for their rescue. A few of us at the Animal Hospital were proud to attend and help support their cause. Dr. Sarsfield and his wife Erin, Dr. Balmer, Veterinary Technicians Angie and Lume, as well as Veterinary Technician Leslie Ludwig and her husband were all dressed up and happy to be there to witness a wonderful event. If you are interested in donating or volunteering, please visit their website – As always, they have many wonderful pets for adoption.

A Word to the Wise on Buying Your Pet's Preventatives

When you purchase your preventative medications in the hospital, not only do you benefit from special promotions but you also have a manufacturer’s guarantee that can prove invaluable. The manufacturers of Frontline, Heartgard, and Revolution have upped the ante and now when you purchase from AHDC you get: One free dose of Frontline when you purchase 3 Two free doses of Frontline when you purchase 6 A $10 rebate when you purchase 12 months of Heartguard One free dose of Revolution when you purchase 6 Equally as important, but often overlooked, is the manufacturer’s guarantee when you purchase your preventative medications from a veterinary practice. Manufacturers only sell to licensed veterinarians directly and cannot guarantee products from pet stores or online pharmacies. The guarantees are as follows: Frontline if, after 3 months of proper treatment to all pets in the household, you are unsatisfied with the product you may be eligible for a free home inspection, and if necessary, treatment by Terminix. Heartgard – if your pet tests positive for any parasites while using Heartgard correctly – Merial will cover costs to treat your pet. Revolution – will also cover costs to treat your pet if he or she has a positive test, and in certain circumstances will give you free year’s supply of product. If you have any questions about preventative medications for your pets, please ask our staff!

Missing Cat

Stanford, a 2 year old orange and white short hair, has been missing since Wednesday night (September 14). If you have any information, please call (717)580-8124 or email We hope Stanford gets home safely and soon!

A Bright Spot in the Flood of 2011

Amidst all the devastation of the severe flooding last week in central PA, we received an emergency call here at AHDC. Max the cat had been found alive in a flooded house where the water had reached the ceiling. He was soaked and reeking of gasoline. He was checked over by Dr Balmer and seemed to be no worse for the wear. He was bathed and given a warm cage and food. We then found out that his owner Nathan Bellanger had left for work that morning not knowing how bad the flooding would get. He was later called up by the National Guard for flood relief duty and did not return home. When the water receded, his sister went to the house fully expecting that Max did not survive. To her shock and delight, they found Max alive and it is assumed that he survived by floating on a piece of furniture! After such a stressful week for everyone it was so nice to have a story with a happy ending! We wish the best to both Max and his owner Nathan.

Smooth Road Ahead

We are making some repairs to the AHDC parking lot over the next week and we ask that you please excuse the mess. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you during your visit. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to call the front desk so that we may better accommodate your needs. Thanks!