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A Great Email From a New Vet Client

A new client just sent us an incredibly nice email and we wanted to share it: “My Maltese dog Izzie became ill and was suffering and no longer eating or walking. Her vet was unable to find what was wrong. I was emotionally and financially drained and my son recommended that I take her to Dr. Sarsfield. I was surprised when I called on Sat. morning and was offered an appt. within 2 hrs. Dr. Sarsfield was very professional and compassionate and he immediately diagnosed her problem with her spine and prescribed her steroids and muscle relaxants and she is eating and walking again! More importantly was the personal care that we rec’d. by a personal follow-up call from Dr. S. on a Sunday! Also, I have invested so much money on this rescue dog that I have had for almost a yr. and did not know how I could spend anymore money on this dog and thought my only option was to put her down and not have her suffering, but I was so happy that the bill was very reasonable, and I will recommend Dr. S. to all of my friends and co-workers. Thank you so much for helping Izzie from being in so much pain. She is such a lovable little dog and I have grown to love her and could not imagine how I was going to be without her. Thank you so much Dr. Sarsfield and Dauphin County Animal Hospital. Robin & Izzie”

We're Improving!

This week marks an important milestone for our hospital. We are upgrading our computer software system. The new system ultimately will allow us to serve you better and faster. For the first few days of the transition, we are extending some of our appointment times to allow our staff time to adjust to the new system. We hope this decreases any delays in serving you, but we do expect there may be some longer wait times. Also, some of your favorite staff may be in training this week and unavailable to meet with you. We apologize ahead of time and ask for your support as we work on this critical project. Thank you for your understanding!

Tick Season Hits PA

Tick season has officially hit Pennsylvania with a bang. As many of you already realize, this tick season is going to be one of the worst we have had in a long time. Unfortunately, not only are they a nuisance, but they carry multiple diseases that our pets can become very ill from. The most prevalant is Lyme disease which can cause symptoms ranging from joint pain and lethargy to kidney failure or inflammation in the brain and spinal cord. Continue reading Tick Season Hits PA

Come Party With Us & Get a Free Portrait of Your Pet

This is a time of year for giving back, and we’d like to give something back to you, our awesome clients. Come join us on Sunday, December 12th, from 2 to 4 p.m. for a holiday party at the hospital. We’d like to say “thank you” for continuing to allow us to care for your wonderful pets. Local photographer (and AHDC client!) Terry Rowe will be on site to take a professional portrait of your pet (with Santa, if you like). Terry will send one 4×6 print to your house for free. Continue reading Come Party With Us & Get a Free Portrait of Your Pet

The story of Reverie the Winking Cat

Reverie means a daydream or an impractical idea; which is exactly what most people would think about this cat ever having a chance of being adopted. “Reverie” is a 16 year old, one-eyed cat whose journey in life resulted in him being one of many cats the Humane Society takes in every year. Most people looking for a new pet would never think about adopting a cat that was so old or a cat with a permanent wink. Lucky for “Reverie,” our long-time client Melissa Snyder isn’t most people. To Melissa, what this cat needed most was a comfortable home to live out his final years. His missing eye just added character to this loving handsome cat. “Reverie” is certainly living a daydream everyday as he spends time at his new home with his new family and I’m sure his family feels the same way about him.
Reverie at our Hospital
When Melissa was asked what attracted her to adopt the special needs Reverie, her response was insightful. She feels that people in our society get pets for their own satifaction or reasons. She feels that we need to get an animal with the animals needs in mind. We’ve been fortunate to get to know Reverie the past week as a special medical boarder. Melissa had brought Reverie in for a shot and was telling us about her concern leaving him home alone while she was on vacation. While many boarding facilities are unable to take animals with such serious medical problems, we have the medical resources necessary to the job. Since we’re a busy hospital we don’t generally have a lot of room for boarders. But in this case, we agreed to take Reverie in. How could we not? For anyone deciding on adopting a new pet, don’t always count out the older animal or the one that needs a little extra love. Sometimes these make the best pets and their gratitude is immeasurable.