Cardiologist Client Information

What to expect from my cardiac appointment: 

The veterinary cardiologist will start with a physical exam. Canine or feline heart murmurs can often be heard and detected with a simple stethoscope. Other diagnostic tests that are useful when attempting to pinpoint or rule out heart disease include:

Blood Pressure Monitoring: 
Your pet’s blood pressure can be checked and monitored in much the same way as is done in people. This can help measure the strain the vessels are putting on the heart.

Veterinary Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG):
This test records the electrical activity of the heart and can tell whether your pets heartbeats are normal or not. An ECG has a recognizable pattern showing the “peaks and valleys” of the heart’s activity. Each point on the ECG tracing depicts how well each specific part of the heart is doing its job. An ECG can provide valuable information about a suspected arrhythmia.

Cardiac Ultrasound (Echocardiogram):
This test allows the visual examination of the interior of the heart, its valves, and its surrounding structures via ultrasonography. It is a sophisticated diagnostic tool which, when combined with other components of a complete cardiac workup including history, physical examination, cardiac and pulmonary auscultation, ECG, x-rays, and other pertinent tests, can provide veterinary cardiologists with a complete diagnostic picture of your pet’s illness and help outline a treatment course for him or her.

How do I set up my appointment?

Our Referral Services technicians are here to help you through the entire process. Feel free to reach out to them at any point if you have questions or concerns. They available by phone at 717-652-1270 and by email at They will schedule your appointment with Dr. Goodwin and answer any and all questions you have before and after your appointment. Dr. Goodwin travels to different parts of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York which allows you to have the convenience of having this specialty service right here at AHDC.

You will set up an intake appointment with one of our Referral Services Technicians and they will go over all the paperwork needed and obtain a 50% deposit at that time. Your pet will stay with us until all exams and diagnostics are performed.

Generally, no sedation or shaving is needed for this appointment. Once the testing is finished, you will receive a phone call from your veterinarian to review the findings and recommendations. At this time you will set up a discharge appointment to pick up your pet.