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Dr. Bob and the Team Raise $600 in the Penguin Plunge

Congratulations to Dr. Bob and Stacy Colm for raising $600 to support the Humane Society of Harrisburg Area by participating (again) in the Penguin Plunge. Participants get the pleasure of jumping into the chilly Susquehanna River on New Year’s Day. According to Dr. Bob, the temperature wasn’t too bad this year, but the wind was an issue. The event raised $20,000 for the Humane Society.

Kitten Season Is Here (Check Out These Kittens!)

  It’s kitten season and our first batch has arrived. Mama cat, “Carly,” and her five beautiful kittens came in last week. Carly is an all white cat with one blue and one green eye. There is an orange/white striped kitten, black/white kitten, calico/striped kitten and two white kittens. The kittens are still developing their personalities, but Mama Carly is very sweet and quite a lover. Continue reading Kitten Season Is Here (Check Out These Kittens!)

Is that my vet freezing in the Susquehanna?

Call us crazy, but we’ll do anything to support animal welfare. Yes, that includes jumping into the freezing Susquehanna River on New Years Day. The plunge benefits the local Humane Society. Last year more than 200 people jumped in the river and raised $20,000. Our own Dr. Bob was there, and he’ll be back this year as well, this time with two members of the Hospital’s team: Malcolm Babbitt, our veterinary technician supervisor, and Stacey Colm, one of our veterinary technician assistants. Continue reading Is that my vet freezing in the Susquehanna?

Stacey, One of our Vet Technician Assistants, Advocates for Pit Bulls

American Staffordshire Terriers (also known as Pit Bulls) are a breed of dog that some people are scared of. If you come to the Animal Hospital of Dauphin, Stacey Colm will definitely give you a different perspective. Stacey has been a TPR (“Temperature, Pulse and Respiration”) Tech for us for more than two years now. But her passion is promoting the pit bull breed. Continue reading Stacey, One of our Vet Technician Assistants, Advocates for Pit Bulls

Meet Angie, one of our Technician Assistants

Angie Bloch has been working at the animal hospital for the past year as a technician assistant. She grew up with a lot of pets, but her career in the animal field started at the age of 13 with her first horse, a retired racing horse named Willie. He in need of some serious TLC — which angie gladly provided. She treated him like he was her dog and took him everywhere she went. He recently passed away and Angie is still heartbroken over the loss. She worked with horses up until a year ago when she decided to expand into the area of small animal medicine. Her favorite part of working at the hospital is when she is able to assist in an emergency. She enjoys putting everything she has into saving the life of an animal. When asked where she sees herself in five years, her response was “I will be a veterinarian technician.” Her advice to other people looking to get into the field is to volunteer and observe before making the final decision. It is not all fun and games. The job is very demanding emotionally and physically and the pay is not the greatest, but she cannot see herself doing anything else. Here’s a picture of Angie with her dog, Chloe.