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Thank you for your patience!

As we shared with you in one of our blog posts last December, we are investing in our computer systems so we can better serve you at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County. The recent update allows us to store our patient records electronically. Because of this recent change, some clients have noticed longer than normal appointments. We appreciate how cooperative everyone has been during this upgrade. As you already know, our top priority is patient care. Our new system will further build on this committment. It gives our doctors and technicians immediate access to patient records without having to pull a physical file. We are building this electronic database and scanning existing paper files, and in the near future all patient files will be electronic. These changes will ultimately benefit our clients and patients, and we appreciate your understanding as we continue to utilize all of the wonderful new capabilities of our system.  

We're Improving!

This week marks an important milestone for our hospital. We are upgrading our computer software system. The new system ultimately will allow us to serve you better and faster. For the first few days of the transition, we are extending some of our appointment times to allow our staff time to adjust to the new system. We hope this decreases any delays in serving you, but we do expect there may be some longer wait times. Also, some of your favorite staff may be in training this week and unavailable to meet with you. We apologize ahead of time and ask for your support as we work on this critical project. Thank you for your understanding!