No-Show/Late Arrival Policy

No-Show/Late Arrival Policy

We know unexpected situations occur, and sometimes it’s impaw-sible for clients to make scheduled appointments. However, we protect the time that is scheduled for each pet and do not offer it to any other clients. We respectfully ask clients who cannot make their scheduled appointments to provide us with at least 24-hour notice so we can offer your appointment to another pet in need.

No-Show Surgery Appointment Policy: A $100 surgery deposit is required on all Surgical appointments at the time of booking. A No-Show Surgery Appointment is when a client fails to be present at their surgery appointment time without a phone call, text, or email within at least 24 hours of a scheduled appointment. The $100 surgery deposit will be forfeited for clients who do not show for scheduled surgery appointments.

Late Arrival Policy: Our team works hard to plan and be on time for appointments. Unfortunately, late arrivals can throw schedules off for the day. In addition, rushing or squeezing in an appointment short-changes the patient and can disrupt the delivery of quality care. Any client who arrives 10 minutes later than their scheduled appointment time will be asked to reschedule.

We would also like to remind you of our flexible options to reschedule your appointment:

  • Call: 717-652-1270, option 4, ext. 4534 to speak with our Administrative Technician or leave a voicemail.