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Holiday Safety Tips

November 23, 2016
By Heather Zimmerman The holidays are right around the corner. So, just remember, even though feeding your pets from the table may be tempting, any food your pets' digestive system is not accustomed to could cause problems.  Our holiday safety tips are focused on letting your pet under the dinner table without getting to potentially dangerous [...]

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Adopt a Senior Pet Month

November 22, 2016
By Daenna, AHDC tech Happy November! November is one of my favorite months of the year. It’s a month full of falling leaves, crisp breezes, Thanksgiving dinners, frost is starting to show up in the mornings.  Everyone is starting to get into the holiday spirit!  One of the really awesome things about November that many [...]

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7th Annual Pictures with Santa

November 4, 2016
  Animal Hospital of Dauphin County would like to invite you to our 7th annual Pictures with Santa! Sunday, December 4th from 1pm-4pm Your pet's picture will be taken with Santa by local photographer and client of AHDC, Terry Rowe, and then mailed to your home at no cost! Snacks and drinks will be provided [...]

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Tech Talk: Before You Buy

October 18, 2016
By Dae Ceresini What comes to mind when you hear the term “exotic pet?”  To many, it means any domesticated species that is not a dog or cat.  “Exotic pet” can mean anything from small mammals like rabbits, hamsters, or chinchillas to reptiles and birds such as iguanas, pythons, and parrots.  These fun and unique [...]

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Halloween Photo Contest

October 14, 2016
Calling All Halloween Lovers! Send us a photo of your pet in a costume and you could win a $50 gift card to our hospital!   To enter:Like our Facebook page and send us a direct message on Facebook with your pet’s photo by Sunday, October 23rd. On Monday the 24th we will post all of [...]

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An Inside Look at the Path to Veterinary Medicine

September 27, 2016
Hello everyone! My name is Rachel Orth, and for almost a year now, I have been helping out at the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County. What started as an internship during the school year turned into a summer position as a technician assistant. Both of these roles have been wonderful opportunities for me to get [...]

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Tech Talk: Bringing the Heat

September 12, 2016
Tech Talk: Bringing the HeatBy: Heather Zimmerman Kioki and Nishibi - my adorable shell covered children Hi, this month we wanted to give you some general information about the importance of temperature control for our reptile pets and patients. When it comes to cats and dogs, besides temperature extremes, we don’t think much about the [...]

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Mosquito Transmitted Diseases

August 4, 2016
If you've been keeping up with the news, you've probably been hearing a lot about Zika virus, a disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes and can make us ill. But did you know that mosquitoes carry diseases that can cause illness in our pets? Most pet owners are aware of diseases like rabies, feline leukemia, [...]

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Does Your Pet Have a Bikini Body?!

July 28, 2016
Does Your Pet Have a Bikini Body?!Dr. Whitney Wolfgang, DVM While your pet partner may not need to look great in a bathing suit this summer, there are many reasons to take a good look at your pet’s figure. Pets that are overweight are at a much higher risk of arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, liver [...]

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Tech Talk with Sarah: Chinchillas

July 13, 2016
Chinchillas don’t need water to stay clean! Their bodies produce oils & those oils are controlled by a dust bath. Yes, a dust bath. The chinchilla rolls around in the dust multiple times until he/she feels satisfied. For excellent hygiene, a chinchilla needs to have a dust bath twice a week. Tech Talk: ChinchillasBy: Sarah [...]

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