Parasite Prevalence

Dauphin County Parasite Prevalence

Due to a warm winter, parasites are at an all-time high right now. To help keep you educated. We have gathered the parasite count data for our Dauphin County and will be updating it each month.

Using a preventative product on your pet is the first step to keeping your pet and your family safe from this parasite prevalence. For information, please call our office in Dauphin County New Jersey.


Dauphin County


Lyme Disease: 271
Ehrlichiosis: 24
Anaplasmosis: 114
Roundworm: 73
Hookworm: 54
Whipworm: 28
Giardia: 82
Heartworm: 8


Roundworm: 31/span>
Hookworm: 3
Whipworm: N/A
Giardia: 9
Feline Heartworm AB: 0
Feline Heartworm AG: 0
FeLV: 3
FIV: 4