Tailored Wellness Programs

Tailored Pet Wellness Programs in Harrisburg

Lifelong Care for Your Four-Legged Loved One in Dauphin County

Annual wellness testing allows veterinarians at Animal Hospital of Dauphin County to identify conditions and diseases in your pet before signs may be evident. Additionally, screening tests provide information on what’s “normal” for your pet, allowing your doctor to quickly evaluate changes in his or her biology. Learn more about wellness testing by contacting our Harrisburg veterinarians today.

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Why Test Annually?

Pets age roughly 5-7 times faster than humans. It’s vital to test every year to screen for diseases and conditions. By testing, your doctor will be able to identify critical patterns in your pet’s biological make-up. Ultimately, early detection will enable an accurate diagnosis faster, potentially saving you thousands of dollars in tests and critical care.

We have three specially designed wellness programs:

  • Puppy and kitten wellness (the first year of life): Young dogs and cats deserve extra attention and care, and our puppy and kitten tailored wellness programs provide the advice you need. Our veterinarians not only check your puppy or kitten to make sure he or she is growing right, but we share our best practices for raising healthy pets that live long healthful lives.
  • Junior wellness (1 to 7 years of age): For dogs and cats that are less than seven years of age, junior wellness provides our veterinarians with an important baseline set of results from key diagnostic tests. As time goes on, we compare new results with the old to uncover hidden changes in your pet’s health.
  • Senior wellness (greater than 7 years of age): Older pets need special tests and exams to catch age-related diseases such as diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, Cushing’s, and others. In addition to the detailed physical exam and diagnostic blood work and urine testing, our veterinarians may also recommend an ultrasound, electrocardiograph (ECG), or radiographs (x-rays). Overall, we will assign testing your pet with the most modern breakthroughs. New tests and treatments for animals are discovered every day.


Looking for a cost-effective way to provide your pet with all their preventative and wellness needs? Animal Hospital of Dauphin County now offers Paws4Wellness, a program that provides the care your pet needs in one easy monthly payment. Learn more about our available options here.

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