Mobility Therapy

Mobility Therapy for Dogs & Cats in Harrisburg

PiezoWave² Vet System for Mobility Treatments

Our team of veterinary specialists at Animal Hospital of Dauphin County is excited to announce that we can treat mobility issues in cats and dogs using the advanced PiezoWave² Vet system! This state-of-the-art veterinary equipment is precise, noninvasive, and recognized by vets and vet techs for its effectiveness in stimulating healing. If your furry family member has joint or musculoskeletal pain or problems, then please call 717-652-1270, option 4, extension 4512 now to see if the PiezoWave² Vet system could help bring relief.

Our vets the PiezoWave² Vet system because it is:

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Simple to use
  • Noninvasive
  • Prescription-free
  • Relatively comfortable

Learn more about mobility therapy at Animal Hospital of Dauphin County by dialing 717-652-1270, option 4, extension 4512.

What is the PiezoWave² Vet System?

The PiezoWave² Vet system uses shockwave, acoustic compression therapy to decrease pain and increase mobility in cats, dogs, and even horses. It generates acoustic waves that stimulate deep tissues exactly where the vet tech targets them. Repeated or routine treatments have been shown to reduce pain, increase mobility, and stimulate a pet’s natural self-healing processes.

The PiezoWave² Vet system is primarily used to treat or alleviate the symptoms of:

  • Shoulder diseases
  • Elbow diseases
  • Carpal tunnel and tarsal diseases
  • Knee diseases
  • Hip (coxofemoral) diseases
  • Back or disc diseases
  • Myofascial complications
  • Slow-healing wounds

Is Mobility Therapy Comfortable?

The acoustic-based treatments of the PiezoWave² Vet system might feel unusual, but they should not feel painful. Most dogs and cats will react to the sensation, and they might get confused or slightly agitated when it targets a particularly sensitive injury. However, most pets do not need any sedation and only light restraints while undergoing a mobility therapy session due to the mildness of the acoustic sensation.

Our vets are trained to pay close attention to how a pet reacts to acoustic treatments using the PiezoWave² Vet system. Typically, a dog or cat will show signs of slight discomfort as the treatment device is placed closer to or on top of the injury we intend to treat. Using their natural reactions, we can make sure that the treatment is targeted and effective.

Again, the treatments can feel strange, but your pet should not feel any concerning levels of pain. It might feel similar to what you might feel after a rigorous but therapeutic deep-tissue massage. For this reason, we recommend that your pet stay in a quiet, comfortable environment for up to 72 hours after a treatment. Play or exercise should be kept at a minimum and closely monitored.

How Long Do Mobility Treatments Last?

PiezoWave² Vet treatments for mobility issues and related diseases are known for their efficiency. You might be surprised at how quickly treatments can help your pet start to feel better.

Important notes about mobility treatments using the PiezoWave² Vet system:

  • Most treatments take between 10 to 30 minutes.
  • Most pets will require two treatments a week, but some might only need one weekly treatment.
  • Signs of improvement usually start to show between three and six treatments.
  • Alleviation from mobility issues can last longer when the PiezoWave² Vet system is used as part of a full treatment plan using other options.

Call Now to Schedule Mobility Treatments

If you’ve noticed that your dog or cat moves more slowly or carefully recently, then they might have an underlying joint or musculoskeletal injury. The PiezoWave² Vet system with its advanced acoustic treatments might be just what they need to start feeling better without surgery or prescription medications. Come to Animal Hospital of Dauphin County and discuss this incredible treatment option with our team of veterinary professionals.

Call 717-652-1270, option 4, extension 4512 to learn more or make an appointment.


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