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Animal Hospital of Dauphin County now offers stem cell therapy and platelet rich plasma (PRP) for dogs and cats suffering from osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, and other degenerative diseases. These regenerative medicine therapies can also aid in faster healing of fractures and orthopedic surgeries. Stem cell therapy and protein rich plasma injections can be incorporated into a pain management and/or rehabilitative plan for your pet. Injections are performed in-house by Dr. Fletcher. If you have pet insurance, some companies may cover a portion of the cost.

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Vet Stem Cell Therapy in Harrisburg  Dauphin County

Stem cells are the repair cells in the body. This all-natural therapy can lengthen and rejuvenate the quality of life of pets suffering from these conditions. The stem cells reduce inflammation and pain while helping to re-build bone and soft tissue. Healing will continue from weeks to months, and the benefits generally last 18 months or more without the need for pain medication.

Adipose stem cell technology does not involve embryonic stem cells, but rather uses the animal’s own stem cells from fat tissue. The procedure is completed in our clinic while your pet spends the day at home. We also provide a banking service where some of the animal’s stem cells can be saved for 10 years and used as needed for the above conditions.

How It Works

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a concentrated amount of growth factors and platelets from blood plasma. PRP helps bring white blood cells to the area for quick removal of dead and injured cells. The growth factors in the plasma also promote healing and help in regeneration of tendons, ligaments, muscle, or joints.

Since the PRP is derived from the animal’s own blood, there is no risk of reaction. To harvest PRP, the patient has a blood sample drawn. Within an hour, the sample in processed at our animal hospital and is ready to be injected or applied to the problem area. PRP treatments can be performed in conjunction with orthopedic surgery to reduce the healing time. The treatments also aid in the rapid healing of wounds as well as to help relieve pain caused by arthritis.

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