The Animal Hospital of Dauphin County has partnered with Precious Paws Grooming in order to offer our clients a superior vet grooming service and medical care all in one convenient location. Pet grooming services are extremely important for your pet especially dogs and cats with long hair. Starting your pet on veterinary grooming is best to do when they are in their younger years, this allows for them to get used to veterinary grooming at an early age and develop a level of comfort.

Veterinary grooming is especially helpful in order to pinpoint skin conditions as well as keep the ears clear of hair to avoid infection. Also, keeping your pet’s hair brushed and short helps keep your pet comfortable, especially in the hot summer months. At a veterinary grooming appointment your pet will be bathed, brushed, trimmed (if requested or they are a long haired breed) and have their nails clipped. After their veterinary grooming appointment, your pet will leave Precious Paws feeling happy, clean and looking good!

To make a veterinary grooming appointment for your pet today call Precious Paws Grooming at 717-652-4701.

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