Setting Up an Ultrasound

Setting up an ultrasound appointment for your pet:
Our Referral Services technicians are here to help you through this process. They will schedule your appointment with Dr. Tomes who is our ultrasonographer. He travels to several parts of southeastern PA which allows you the convenience of having your pets ultrasound performed here at AHDC.

Most questions can be answered on, but feel free to reach out to our technicians at any point if you have other questions or concerns. They are available by phone at 717-652-1270 and by email at

You will set up an intake appointment for the day of the ultrasound where a technician will go over all the paperwork and obtain your %50 deposit. YOU WILL NEED TO WITH-HOLD FOOD AFTER 12PM THE NIGHT BEFORE YOUR PET’S APPOINTMENT. Water is allowed until you leave for your appointment, but please do not let your pet urinate after leaving for your appointment. These procedures are vital to the ultrasound exam and allow for higher quality images and more accurate diagnoses. Also, in some cases, sedation may be required for your pets comfort for further diagnostic testing.

Dr. Tomes will call you once the ultrasound exam is finished and go over his findings and recommendations, and you will set up a discharge appointment to pick up your pet. Your primary care veterinarian should also follow up with you.

Your pet will have been shaved for the ultrasound. The fur will grow back over the next couple of months.